2015 Run4Hope: race results, photos, and how it might not have happened


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2015 Run4Hope: race results, photos, and how it might not have happened


Our Run Team has been tested! Run4Hope is Hope4Harper’s BIGGEST fundraising event of the year for seizure research and epilepsy awareness. It takes planning, preparation, prayer…it takes a TEAM!  And Run4Hope has an amazing team of volunteers that graciously give of themselves each year for our family.  For me, the time spent with my team is a time of fellowship among friends.  They teach me what it means to sacrifice and help others.  Their hearts humble me.


Each year we expect a trial in one or more of our team member’s lives to happen at one time or another throughout the year.  Each of us have been in need leaning on the team that stood strong with us.  To date, we have had pregnancies, birthdays on the actual run day, concussions days before the run, deaths of brothers, and dads, and father-in-laws (with one of the funerals the afternoon the day of the run), job loss, and other various personal family struggles.  Yet each year, each team member stayed an active part of the Run4Hope Team!

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This year was different


This year the team as a whole struggled at the same time!  LIFE threw chaos at us all.  Two of our team members got second jobs and sent their children off to college this fall!  One of our team members prayerfully decided to become a foster family and has recently been blessed with a 12-month-old beauty.  Another team member is 20 weeks pregnant.  And I am trying to figure out how to mange my time appropriately with a very active 12-month-old of my own in the mix of our already chaotic life.  This year I’m surprised the team members didn’t walk away one by one saying, “Something has to give.”   Amazingly, we threw our hands up instead and our heads down in determination.

Every year we as a team evaluate the Run4Hope event believing it was a great year but it could have been better. This year we are all grateful the event came together with what our team has had to overcome.


We give a HUGE THANK YOU to all our sponsors, participants and volunteers.  Without each of you we are just a group of people having a meeting.  There are many sponsors, volunteers and participants that have been in attendance from the first Run4Hope.  You have seen Harper at her worst.   You guys are amazing and make us want to do better every year.  The new faces are fun to see.  I am so glad you can be a part of Run4Hope in a time when Harper is at her BEST.   I hope you continue to run and watch Harper grow and advance in her abilities.

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This year was different. This year was hard.  But this year happened! Not by our strength, but by commitment, determination, prayer, and the grace of God.


Click HERE for Run4Hope 2015 Race Results

And SAVE THE DATE! Run4Hope 2016 is September 10, 2016. Follow Run4Hope on Facebook to get all the details as they become available for next year.

As I mentioned, we end each year believing it was a great year that could always be better. If you attended or participated in Run4Hope, please click here and take a short survey to give your feedback on what you liked and how we can improve for 2016. Participants can browse and order photos from Movin’ Pictures.


Find Hope4Harper on the list for North Texas Giving Day

If you were not able to participate in Run4Hope 2015 but would still like to support seizure research and Epilepsy awareness, North Texas Giving Day is September 17th and this year our organization is on the list!  PLEASE consider supporting HOPE4HARPER at the following link: #NTXGivingDay


Run4Hope 2015 Photos

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