Annual Hams 4 Hope Seizure Research Fundraiser


For a donation of ANY amount to Hope4Harper you can pick up your fully cooked CHRISTMAS dinner meat! HAMS ARE SOLD OUT but you can still get a free range, cage free Turkey from Sprouts and smoked to perfection by High Voltage BBQ

Proceeds to fund CDKL5 Seizure Research and Epilepsy Awareness

EIN # 45-4886455


If you ordered a ham or turkey, please scroll down for TUESDAY 12/23 pickup information


Pickup Date/Time: TUESDAY, December 23rd from 2:00pm to 6:30pm

Pickup Location:

All Sorts Mailing Services, Inc.

1420 Halsey Way, Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75007

We are grateful for the support Harper receives for this fundraiser. Sincere thanks to Jamey from High Voltage BBQ for his time and dedication to Harper’s cause.

×Funds Raised for Previous Years

1st Annual Hams 4 Hope CDKL5 Seizure Research Fundraiser (2012)Thanks to the generous donations from Hope4Harper supporters and to Jamey from High Voltage BBQ and Sprouts, $4500 was raised to benefit the Hope4Harper Seizure Research Project.

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