Harper’s debut at National America Miss on July 31

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Harper introduces herself July 31st

“My name is Harper Howard.  I am 5 years old, from Carrollton Texas.  I like riding horses, swimming, playing with my big sister Lily, and annoying my baby brother Seth.  I let others know about living with Epilepsy with Hope4Harper.  When I grow up I want to do whatever makes me happy.  Happy Birthday Grandma!” 

NOT a beauty pageant

National America Miss is a leadership pageant for girls ages 4-18.  The goal is to prepare girls to be individual confident women leaders of the future.  This is NOT a beauty pageant!  No make up is allowed under the age of 13 and no fake hair or teeth at any time.  Thanks to the use of RSHO  which gives Harper seizure control, Harper has gained to ability to express herself and her desires.  She choose to be a pageant participate and I am proud of her choice.
As a temporary “pageant mom” I can see how easy it is to get wrapped up in all the excitement and the “extras’ for your child to participate in as well as get caught up in the unnecessary spending.  Along with all the additional competitions such as talent, modeling, acting, photogenic and advertising; there are the primary required attire of “the pageant dress” and the interview outfit.

Pageant plan: keep it simple, make it fun

Of course I want Harper to do everything but then I have to remember that doing everything isn’t what makes the experience FUN for Harper!  Harper very clearly wants to be on stage in a pretty dress with other girls her age and that’s it!  I had to remember that I am helping make the best memory of this experience for Harper.

My efforts have gone into making sure everything about this pageant is what she wants it to be from the dress to the resume we have to submit to judges.  My job come pageant day is to help the nurse make sure Harper is relaxed, medically taken care of at her scheduled times and has a fantastic time we can talk about for years to come even if the only tasks she participated in were the basic ones.

See Harper’s debut

Everyone is invited to attend and see Harper’s National America Miss Pageant debut.  The July 31st portion is free and will be Harper’s big night where she will be escorted (at her request) in her stander showing off her formal attire.
Harper in her stander

Harper in her stander

Harper will use her Tobii digital eye gaze to verbally introduce herself on stage.  Follow Harper’s Facebook page to get real-time updates of her pageant day.
August 1st is the Pageant Finale where all contestants will be on stage as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place participants are announced.  Tickets for this day are $15.  The Pageant is located at the Hotel Intercontinental Dallas, Texas. For your invitation and all details click here.
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