Harper’s Surgery Update and Remembering How to Enjoy Your Sheep

Harper Lily Nighttime Smile

When nothing seems to be working in your favor what do you do?

Harper had a Vesicostomy surgery 18 days ago and is recovering nicely.  We had a bit of a problem with yeast around the surgery site but once we determined what cream we needed to use it healed almost immediately.  This happened just in time to find out that Harper at some point had lice and now has nits everywhere! 
Harper Hair

Harper being treated for lice.


So we spent our weekend getting our family of five checked and treated for lice while washing and steaming every square inch of fabric in our home.  Turns out Harper was the only one infected and “fingers crossed” that we will not have a reoccurrence in the near future.


part of the “every square inch of fabric in our home”

After a completely un-relaxing weekend and a rough Monday morning I decide a “Movie Monday” is appropriate because if anybody deserves it, it’s Lily! That kid is the BEST! She is so helpful.  She voluntarily cleaned like a crazy person doing everything we asked her to do and she is always making sure Seth stays safe and entertained while I tend to Harper.

Tough Customer.

Or, she helps by giving her attention to Harper while I tend to Seth.  It is not always easy to stay calm with three kids constantly needing/wanting your attention so I know I do not show her as much appreciation as she deserves for the responsibilities and adult-level understanding needed from her on a daily basis.

Lily Bug and me.

This is where the sheep come in

Studio Movie Grill we go to see Shaun the Sheep.  The Colony Studio Movie Grill is very nice but you get better customer service from the Lewisville location.  Ironic we see the film Shaun the Sheep today after the rough weekend and morning we had.
To sum it up…  It starts with a guy and his sheep.  He’s so happy to tend to his sheep but then life sets in and every day it’s the same mundane routine and he no longer enjoys his sheep but rather he sees them as a job.  The sheep do not enjoy being their master’s job but rather miss being a part of his life.  The sheep plan a day off which turns into a catastrophe.  Eventually, the master and the sheep reunite and both have learned to enjoy each other again.
Routine is not always bad and is especially important for Harper (i.e. medication and feedings, etc..)  But even in the midst of required routine we can enjoy and appreciate the time we have together.   It’s also important to be routine in doing what’s right and good because when you choose not to, catastrophe happens! Heck, even when you ARE trying to live in a healthy routine, the UNEXPECTED is always possible.
To Lily Bug: even though Seth cried through a third of the movie and Harper yelled at Seth for crying, I sure am glad you had a great time enjoying your popcorn and chocolate milk, sitting next to sister, while I walked Seth up and down the isles.  Oh and YES we were the ONLY ones in the theater or we would have had to leave! FUN TIMES!! GOOD MEMORIES!
I am enjoying my sheep.
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