Help Harper teach people that physical ability does not match mental ability

Harper America Miss Cropped

Harper has been nominated as a finalist

Harper has been nominated as a finalist in the upcoming National America Miss Pageant. Please consider purchasing tax-deductible advertising space supporting Harper’s pageant participation goals.  As a participant in the Advertising Competition, Harper is seeking to earn a trophy, banner, and crown; and other prize options such as a-once-in-her-lifetime paid trip to Disneyland and participation in the National pageant representing her State of Texas as Miss Cover Girl.  Each page costs $750 and she has one page already.  Will you please help her get another in an effort to “Change the Definition of Normal?”

Your donation of $25 or more goes towards the purchase of a full page ad for Harper in the National America Miss Yearbook.  Your name will be featured on the page as a supporter of Harper and her dream.

There are very few participants with special needs in National America Miss Pageant

And none have competed that are both non verbal and immobile with such extensive impairments as Harper’s.  Special needs do not limit an individual’s opportunities.  Harper is seeking National recognition in the Advertising category to educate people by showing that physical ability does not match mental ability. Please click the link here to donate.


Pageant trophy presentation open to the public

Free admission on July 31st at 5:30pm at Hotel Intercontinental in Dallas. EVERYONE is welcome!!!! Please come and cheer Harper on.

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