What makes this team GREAT? They are not magical, they are human!

Harper’s doctors are experts in their field and understand that parents are an expert about what is going on with their child. By combining the the two resources a reasonable solution can be reached to help your child achieve the best quality of life possible.
They LISTEN to what you have to say.  Harper could not survive without them and we appreciate all they do for her and the many others they treat!


Robert Chudnow, M.D., Texas Child Neurology Plano, TX


Dr. Richard Rivera, Pediatric Center, Carrollton, TX


John H. Baker, M.D. – Digestive Health Associates of Texas P.A.


The Nephrology Clinic at Cook Children’s


Dr. Darrell W. Hermann, M.D., Pediatric Surgeon Plano, TX


Dr Candice Hutchenson, Children’s Dental Specialist


Cynthia Beauchamp, M.D., F.A.A.P, Pediatric Ophthalmology PA Dallas

For questions about Harper’s experience with these please contact us at hope@hope4harper.com

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