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Is it the Medical Marijuana (MMJ)/Cannabis?  or Is it the Cannabinoids (CBD)?

We live in Texas where trying MMJ is not legal and we are not prepared to uproot our family and move away from our support system in order to try a supplement that may or may not work for Harper’s seizures.  We were ecstatic to learn about what some may consider an “alternative” that IS legal known as Industrial Hemp.  Although similar to Cannabis, Industrial Hemp is different.  It is naturally high in CBD (cannabidiol) and contains no THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol, the mind- or mood-altering part of marijuana)

Without THC is Cannabis still beneficial from a medicinal perspective?

I was unable to find any actual studies comparing the benefits of Cannabis vs Industrial Hemp CBDs.  So we reached out to HempMedsPx regarding their product.  They are an amazingly friendly and knowledgeable company we feel comfortable with and we are currently using a few of their products.

Sharing facts about our first-hand recent experience with Industrial Hemp Oil CBD supplements:


Lily and Harper with their HempMedsPx gift….Hempstar!

Harper was started on high CBD Hemp Oil from HempMedsPx this week. Since then we have documented that Monday she had 9 seizures, Tuesday 7, Wednesday 5, and Thursday 3, Friday 2, Saturday ZERO, and Sunday 1. Between Friday at 1:45pm and Sunday at noon we documented NO SEIZURES for Harper.

Lily has been taking low-dose CBD Industrial Hemp Oil drops for a week and she has been sleeping through the night without the use of melatonin and without waking from her chronic night terrors or bad dreams.  The drops are peppermint flavored and contrary to what many may assume does not taste like lawn clippings! She is five years old, weighs 40 pounds and takes 15 drops per night mixed with her fish oil supplement.

Harper is also sleeping through the night without the use of melatonin or a rescue medication.  She is three-years-old, weighs 27 pounds and takes a full 1-inch-long strand per night and 1/16th of an inch-long strand at breakfast and at lunch.

NOTE: Industrial Hemp Oil is not to be confused with store-bought dietary hemp seeds or hemp oil that is pressed from hemp seeds. Those contain no helpful CBD.  Industrial Hemp Oil comes from the hemp plant and is closely related to the marijuana plant.

Like many supplements, what works for some may not work for all…

And what works now may not continue to work with extended use.  With that said, we are happy with the results we are seeing thus far and are hopeful for continued progress for Harper.

industrial hemp oil dosage

see that black wormish looking thing in Harper’s supplements? That’s Industrial Hemp Oil.


The product above is thick like a frozen toothpaste.  It is suggested you begin with 1 milligram per pound of body weight.  The best way to absorb the product for maximum benefit would be under the tongue or rectally.  It is not suggested you give directly in a feeding tube if you can avoid it.  Harper will take her small daily portions via mouth sometimes but her nightly dose is given via tube.  It is an whole plant based oil and is administered best when we combine it with her fish oil and omega 7 supplement.

Be it anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, or SEIZURES…

I think this product is worth a try!


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